Thursday, June 7, 2007

Cut - Off Time!

Many people have e-mailed us and commented here about the cut-off time. We are arranging shipments from Florida, New York, and Chicago at the moment as well as our own Houston shipment. Because it takes some time to get to their offices in California, the cut off time is Monday at 3:00PM CST.

We already have boxes going out today from these different areas so that there is a bombardment of chocolate coming in for three days in a row! This should really cause them some trouble and hopefully change their minds!

Back to work!

-Sachin & The rest of TheIndianFoodStore Team


piperyoung said...

how many Mars bars in total are being shipped? Is it 2304 each day? Or is that broken up in the three days? How many bars are in a master case?

And maybe the biggest question: what exactly is in a Mars bar?

Save said...

Hey Sachin -

there are people posting in the forums that the 24 and 12 packs are unavailable, which it sure looks like from your amazon site. did we actually buy everything already? and if so...

bring on the snickers!!!

thanks again - y'all rock!

Veronica said...

BOOYA! This IS AMAZING. Thank you so much. You guys are going to get some great press through this! Too bad that you're running out of Mars Bars. Here in Canada we have the actual Mars bar as well, but I don't think you deal with Canada?
But what does it matter. They'll get the idea regardless :D:D:D!

Veronica said...

There are still a few 12 and 24 packs, I just ordered a 24 pack and it says there are 2 left!!! Theres like 5 12 packs too