Thursday, June 7, 2007


ATTENTION Fans, please place your orders via We pay a very large percentage fee to get for listing on their website. Instead, they have a program called where they charge much less commission fees.

If you order directly from our site, we do not have to pay these large commissions for no reason! We can then use that savings to purchase more Mars Bars and Snickers Almond Bars around the country! Here is the link:

Of course, if you feel more comfortable with their system, then feel free to do it. However, we do request you place your orders via that website. You will still be able to track the order via your account since it is still affilliated with them.

Thanks in advance!

Here are some links to make it easier for you although we prefer if you support through our own website:


InTheVast said...

How are you guys going to keep the chocolate from melting? I imagine the fedex trucks could get very, very hot.

Scramble Network said...

ATTENTION: You can now give via Paypal to contribute to the bulk order! That's right-- now you can give any amount, and it counts towards the pool! Thanks to Sachin for helping so much with all this!

Just go to

And click the contribute link!

Its shipped in special packaging that keeps it from melting, btw.

AJ said...


lol, no one is going to eat them, that's not the point.

To the IndianFoodStore: Thank you so much for your support.