Thursday, June 7, 2007


Dear Fans,

Wow! We are arranging over 48 MASTER cases of Mars Bar to be shipped directly to their location from distributors around the country. This means a total of 2304 Mars bars will be delivered on three consecutive days. Along with this shipment will come our own stock of 648 bars (13 cases + some extras). We must have bought nearly all of the Mars bars in the country!

We've received orders for approximately half of that and we expect this stock will be completed by the end of Friday at the current rate! Of course, it may be finished even faster as people become more aware of this!

Someone in the comment section gave us a suggestion that Snickers Almond Bars are the same as Mars Bars and they prominently display a "Mars" logo. If the majority agrees, we can try to arrange 4-5 thousand bars of that and send it along with this big shipment. Of course, these are more readily available (and cheaper!) than the Mars Bars. So, if everyone can give us a show of support for this, we can look into it and get it (hopefully!) arranged. Once the Mars bars run out, we will lower the price, of course, to reflect the lower cost.

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR COMMENTS! I am having nearly half of our company on this.

Update: We have decided not to post any names. Some fans are concerned about privacy issues and we completely understand. We will only be putting the total of chocolate bars being sent!


Save said...

i would definitely send more in the names of my friends if/when we run out of mars bars and replace with snickers almond!

thanks again!

Cecilia said...

Thank you for arranging this!

I've ordered, but I would order again if we run out of mars bars and switch to snickers almond. I think it would be a good point to show that we VM fans bought out all of the Mars bars in the COUNTRY (and had to switch to another candy bar).

Rachel said...

What is the deadline on Monday for orders?

Thanks again.

Ms. Molly said...

To the Indian Food Store: Thank you so much for your help and support. I placed my order this morning after reading the post on I do occasionally order food items online and I will definitely be looking to your store first when I do so from now one, you have my gratitude for being so helpful and encouraging in this matter.

piperyoung said...

the deadline is Monday because the final decision about the show is due on June 15.

And I agree with the above posts... if we buy out all the MARS bars from around the country, I would definately "donate" more for the Snickers Almond Bars.

Sachin - could you tell us how many bars are in a MASTER case, for those of us not in the food industry? Thanks so much! And I am glad we are supporting Veronica through a small company that will get a benefit from it instead of some large conglomerate chain.

Sarah said...

I'd send anything in that would work in replace of a Mars Bar if they run out (hopefully they will, I tried to send a dozen and I was told they weren't available at that quantity). Anything that might help our cause, I'm all for it!

a said...

where did the 2000+ of Mars Bars come from? o_O im confused.. lol