Friday, June 8, 2007

Good morning! Lots of news!

Good morning Veronica Mars lovers!

Today is the day we can make this big! Since today is the last weekday, we need a HUGE push into the weekend to make this news spread all over the country. I assume there are thousands of fans that are not aware of this campaign and may never be if they do not hear it from their friends or on the news! I've got several things I'd like to discuss with all of you and I need your feedback.
Things definitely picked up last night:

1) Our donation pool has increased to $929.61 as of 8:53AM CST. The Mars bars have almost all been purchased. We are looking into getting some more from Canada, but it looks highly unlikely due to the short time frame. We will update you on this.

2) But, since you all are so wonderful, there has been much talk about adding marshmallows to the campaign! We are looking into this today and we should be able to obtain some! The reason fans have chosen marshmallows is because on the pilot episode, there is a memorable line that says "Veronica Mars, she's a marshmallow". This is a great idea since marshmallows take up much more room than a single chocolate bar! We will update you throughout the day of our progress and how much we can get together.

3) Many of you have been excited about the 18-wheeler! A pallet is actually a roughly 4 ft x 6 ft wooden piece that lets us stack product on top to ship in 18-wheelers. If you've ever been to Sam's Club, then you'll see how they stack up product on wooden pallets. We just wanted to clarify (so there won't be any more disappointments later) that unless we get HUGE publicity and HUGE campaign support, filling up the entire 18-wheeler is difficult. However, by shipping all of this confectionery on a pallet, we will get the effect of a huge truck trying to deliver to CW which should make their mouths drop! This leads us to our next issue...

4) If we want this to work, we have to work fast! A fan (Thanks Ellie!) has given me a great idea to pass on. Apparently, Kristin from E! Online is a huge fan. If we can send her thousands of e-mails, she might mention the campaign on the show and this could become huge! So, my request is that all of us get together and e-mail her and other media outlets to get this going. You can e-mail her here:

Click on Ask Kristin for the form! If you can think of other outlets, let us know and we will post them! Make sure to be nice!

Update: You can e-mail Michael Ausiello From TVGuide at

5) As always, thank you for the support you have given us. All of us here at TheIndianFoodStore are truly humbled by this experience. Let's make this happen! We will be posting more pictures as soon as we get some time!

-Sachin & the rest of TheIndianFoodStore team

Edit: We thought it might be a good idea to get a huge poster of Veronica Mars to put on the shipment. We can also print designs of "Save Veronica Mars" to tape to the boxes of Snickers and Mars. If anyone can come up with an idea or design, please let us know! We will try to print all designs submitted! As far as a video is concerned, I will try to work with the trucking company to get an exact time of delivery. The problem is Mars Bars are coming from New York and Florida via UPS and FedEx, and our massive shipment from Houston is hopefully coming via a freight truck. Freight companies usually don't give us exact times but we will see what we can do!


Anonymous said...

hi guys,
First of all, many thanks for your support. You've made me a future customer for sure.

I would however, caution against spamming Kristin with email. We don't want to tick her off. I am sure she knows by now.

Anonymous said...

I donated to the general fund this morning, so I hope you'll be able to buy all the Marshmallow (which, of course, take up more room) in Texas!

Anonymous said...

Make sure to keep writing too. A large batch of letters/ postcards and candy send an even larger message. Please let us know about the marshmallows as soon as you can. Thanks again, y'all are wonderful... And I agree, we should leave Kristin alone now, instead try posting a flyer or something.

Brynna said...

Alright guys. Let's try and get Kristin on this for sure, but lets also try and get Michael Ausiello at in on this. He's also a huge Veronica Mars fan. His help could make a difference!

Christina B said...

Micheal Ausiello from has a blog and is a big fan of the show, we could all email him. His email is:

Anonymous said...

A big thanks to the Indian Food Store people for all their help. :) To spread the word the fans should also send out buletins on Myspace, Facebook and Livejournal; someone should also message the VM Myspace pages so they can tell the people on their friends list.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all at the Indian Food Store! You are going above and beyond!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the marshmallow postcard that a really cool girl over at TWoP made, you could print it to put on the shipment.'mores.pdf

Coughy said...

I have done a POSTER you can use.

I did the THR online ad... this kind of matches it. It's extra large... might stand out.

Coughy (from e!online)