Sunday, June 10, 2007

Getting ready for the big day!

Good evening all...I realize this is a late post but I was at the office for a few hours late this evening finishing up some work since I was behind! Many of you may have received confirmation e-mails this evening. The rest of you will receive their confirmations by tomorrow so please bear with us as we finish up a lot of paperwork!

I will be very honest with you. Tonight, I plan to get some rest as tomorrow is our big day! We'll be taking a lot of pictures, coming up with the final numbers, decorating our 1250 pound pallet with the flyers and letters that we printed! All of the fans that have contributed are going to be part of this too, as we are including a full list to prove to CW how dedicated we are. Of course, we will be only including first names, the state (or country for the international fans!), and the amount contributed for privacy purposes.

I did talk to another Wal-Mart about 25 minutes away and they have agreed to hold 40 more pounds of Marshmallows for me! Yes! This makes our total to be a whopping 438 pounds of marshmallows. If I can find another 12 pounds, that would make it an even 450! I should be able to! That is a whole lot of marshmallows!

Nick has posted a draft of his letter at his site and will send me a final draft later tonight. I think it looks great. If you guys have any suggestions, please post on his site or here. If they are valid suggestions, we will make some changes. I will post the final letter tomorrow before I submit it for printing. As you may have noticed, towards the end of his letter he mentioned that the confectionery would be donated to children's charities. I love this idea! You know, regardless of whether this works out, this feels great because I know that all of our efforts will not go in vain. If CW cooperates with us, we'll be putting smiles on hundreds of children's faces and hopefully make their day just a little brighter. Now that is something we can be proud of!

We'll be making a lot of calls tomorrow to both media stations in Houston and some Los Angeles distributors that we've been talking about over the weekend. They should be open Monday (otherwise that's just bad business!) so we will discuss some options to see if we can get more Mars bars or marshmallows delivered simulataneously.

Many fans are asking me what's next? We regroup! We've still got one more campaign to work on after everything gets shipped out. Remember the iTunes campaign? Don't forget it's on Tuesday! I will be posting the exact link again on Tuesday and I urge fans to go through that link. We receive a 5% commission from any purchases made through that link. Since we told you that any revenue generated from this site (via Google's ads or iTunes) will go towards the campaign. So, for every 20 fans that purchase an episode, we will be purchasing another episode so we can get the number even higher! Perhaps it may not make a huge difference, but every little bit counts right!

Now that I think about it, that's exactly what this campaign is about. It's people getting together to make a difference and getting their voice heard. Each of us individually probably would not have an effect, but by coming together, we were able to create this wonderful experience. It's easy to express an opinion or complain. But, we actually did something about it! I know for many of you (myself included), this has been a week to remember!

Good night all! See you in the morning!



Anonymous said...

Thanks again. It really is so refreshing to have someone so dedicated to us and bringing back our show! We <3 you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, thanks again. Anyone else who is reading this should not forget that we should still be sending letters, snickers, and marshmallows until they change their mind. Even if they won't arrive on June 15th. Because if this doesn't work we HAVE TO KEEP TRYING. Hopefully thanks to Sachin's wonderful work and the work of other organizers and fans it will never come to that. Keep on keepin' on!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the pictures (and hopefully videos too!)

Anonymous said...

hopefully the media will be all over this! thanks so much! i looked on the walgreens site..
well they have 2 for $2.00 for marshmallows.. so checking out walgreens might help too?

Save said...

seriously, thanks so much. it's just beautiful that you had never seen or heard of the show until we bought all your mars bars.


everybody remember to buy your episodes on itunes through sachin's link!!!

SuperSweet said...

You are an amazing person. Thank you for everything you have done for us. I'm so honored that I got the chance to be part of this.

Veronica said...

Thank you so much for everything you are helping us with! I really believe this is going to work. I can't wait until the 15th! And i'll tell everyone to buy 3x20 through your link. :D

Fleegle said...

Sachin, you are exactly right. I'm absolutely amazed at what the people involved in this campaign have accomplished in a few short days. It's hard to believe that this only started on Thursday, ans, Sachin, I don't think it would have come together without you. When i forst read the original post on Aintitcoolnews and saw thata candy bar would cost $8.50, I was sure that the effort would go nowhere.

I'm sure you had no idea what this would snowball into when you offered up that discount code on your webstore, but you may end up being the biggest influence on getting this show renewed.

Regardless of the outcome, we all owe you a huge debt of gratitude. From the bottom of our collective hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

someone needs to send a press release

Anonymous said...

Great job! I'm so proud of what you especially and we all have done so far! Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I think the charity to donate everything to should be Invisible Children or at least we should suggest that.

violetpretty said...

I posted this on the other site with the draft of the letter posted. I thought the letter was awesome. I also made my own and sent it to the higher ups at the CW but I'm not sure if it will make it on time since I'm in Canada.So here's my letter,feel free to use any points from it in the letter to be sent with the shipment.(and yes I know it's long):
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to you on behalf of the recent, unofficial cancellation of the show Veronica Mars. As a devoted fan of the show, I find this recent decision to be not only a mistake of monumental proportions, but also distasteful, and a slap in the face for the fans of VM, which has evolved into a large cult following. I say this because VM surpasses all other TV shows for many reasons. First, VM has showcased a kind of dialogue that is now rarely seen on television. Witty and pop-culturally clever, the dialogue is extremely refreshing and full of surprises, humor, and even darkness. This vital element seems to be lacking now in TV today, and emphasized more so with the absence of VM and even Gilmore Girls, another CW program.
Second, VM, through the past three seasons, has given the art of storytelling, in its dark, noir-themed mysteries, a new light. Never has a show so captivated my attention and demanded a heightened degree of intelligence- for this I am forever grateful, especially to have realized highly entertaining TV is the best when it draws you in, and forces you to think- not just about the story unfolding, but also the characters- which brings me to my next point- the universal appeal of the characters. One does not have to be the same age, or in the same place, as the characters themselves to understand and feel empathetic towards them. Rob Thomas and his team of writers have created characters with aspirations, flaws and heroic and qualities; they have been put through situations (social stratification, rising up against others, for example) that most, if not all people, can relate to at some point in a lifetime. At the same time, the characters of VM are distinguished above other TV characters through unique, and often dark, experiences- rape, murder and abuse, to name a few. Through this coupling of universal feelings with controversial experiences, Rob Thomas and the writers have created some of the most beautiful, and at the same time, flawed, individuals on television, setting VM far above the rest in its originality and distinctiveness.
On a similar note, the title character is one of confidence, strength, courage, bravery, perseverance, and love, among others. She has fallen at times, but her determination in the face of adversity (such as rape), has become so inspirational to fans all over the globe, myself included. Veronica Mars will always be an iconic female to those fans that have watched her grow, and is a person whom girls and women alike should aspire to be, rather than the sexual objects the CW promotes every time it airs The Pussycat Dolls.
Furthermore, this show is the only one I’ve ever seen that has covered the gamut of social themes in society. The writers of VM have brought up issues such as rape, murder, abuse (physical, mental, sexual, emotional), unplanned pregnancy, bullying, infidelity, kidnapping, alcoholism (the list goes on) and have presented them in a way that’s not overly dramatic and unreal, but rather very much rooted in reality, extreme, moderate, and everything in between. The writers have managed to raise awareness of these often-controversial issues and have managed to add a more human touch to them, allowing the public to better understand why people resort to certain actions, without passing swift judgment (a phenomenal example of this was displayed in the character of Cassidy Casablancas).
In addition, VM has provoked an attentiveness to organizations/movements such as Take Back the Night and Invisible Children, both of which have gained exposure and have opened the eyes of thousands to topics people were previously unaware of. I myself am now more attuned to the focus of these movements, as I’m sure many are as well- and for this alone I feel humbled to have ever come across the show (on CTV in Canada), and have grown to love it like a friend.
Moreover, on a more physical level, VM has also brought on a cult following based on the wardrobe of the cast, called Neptune_style. I’m sure I speak for many when I say fans not only covet what Veronica and the other cast members wear, but also have taken a page from her sense of style- myself included. Veronica’s style is refreshing and different, and appealing because it doesn’t buy into the ‘sex sells’ attitude, which the CW is currently pushing on its younger demographic. Lastly, VM is a showcase for musical artists worldwide. Had it not been for the show, my own musical tastes would be narrower. Listening to the music featured on the show has certainly broadened my horizons, and I am now more open (and aware) of these previously unknown artists. Furthermore, these artists gained exposure, not to mention new fans.
In short, VM is the whole package- whip-smart dialogue, real (flawed and heroic) characters portrayed by one of the greatest ensembles; it pushes the envelope in a way that’s not preachy, but original, while being socially conscious, and finally, Veronica Mars herself is an excellent role model with style and smarts, solving mysteries to a diverse musical (and scenic) backdrop.
I strongly urge the CW to reconsider its position on VM. Perhaps an advertising deal with Lucky Brand Jeans (a line used extensively in the show) would have proved more lucrative instead of Aerie by American Eagle; perhaps the commercials for VM (far and few in between episodes, might I add) should have showcased the mystery and killer dialogue, not romantic drama aimed at preteens. The CW should have enlisted and acknowledged the help of fans in promotion, aimed at the young adult crowd, which VM was better suited for. Do not leave the fans hanging. After three years and a painstaking amount of effort, time, money and devotion to the show, seemingly unacknowledged by the CW, the fans, which have kept this network on the air, deserve more. VM deserves a proper ending (through a movie, possibly), and closure, if there is no fourth season in any kind of format. It deserves the respect of the network above all. VM is a beacon of light in a television wasteland- please do not put it out.
Thank you for your time.

By the way I think we should donate to Invisible Children if we can..

Anonymous said...

I really want to thank you for what you are doing as well. Bringing us all together and helping us work to get our show back will not be anything any of us will soon forget. You are a very generous and kind person, and God will reward you for your heart of gold.

Anonymous said...

ny post story.

check out other media at

Haikes said...

Donating left over money to IC would not be a problem, but I could see things getting a little "sticky" with all the confectionary goodies. I'm sure the interns could use a sugar rush since they're constantly on the go, though.

If it's possible, I say do it. I've been an IC supporter for a few years now, but I'm sure there are just as many worthy charities in the area to donate to as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sachin! Thank you again for another day of hard work! You are fabulous!
I read Nicks letter and it was great. The only suggestion I had was to be more specific about the Children's Charities - possible direct them to maybe children's summer camps. All those marshmallows scream smores around a campfire. Possibly the Boy and Girl Scouts of America, CampFire USA, and I'm sure their are tons of summer camps in Calif.
This of course is just a suggestion - you guys are doing great and if you change nothing it is going to be perfect.

:) Laura

Anonymous said...

Laura, I don't think specifying for the charities is really necessary. We just offered a suggestion at the bottom and if they wish they can do that option. But giving them a list of suggestions is going off topic I think. She probably knows which charities/causes are worthy to them. :)

Gil said...

I agree with Laura. Dawn is a very busy woman. If we want to help her find a good home for all the sweets, we should suggest something specific to help her out. I don't think it's off-topic at all. It shows that we respect her time, by not giving her one more thing to put on her To Do list. I suggested to Nick It's an umbrella organization of over 100 children's charities. I say donate to them and let the organization sort out whom to divvy up the candy to.

Anonymous said...

Monday Hello Sachin!! - I know you are super busy! Just sending good vibes your way!!! Your doing great!!

yme said...

The CW, like any large American corporation, undoubtably already has its own established relationships with many, many charitable organizations, for children and otherwise. I wouldn't burden them with making specific suggestions about where they should donate our candy. I say keep the letter focused and stick to the point of our message--which is VERONICA MARS... not trying to encourage The CW to do more charity work.

Many thanks again to Sachin and The Indian Food Store! Can't wait to see the pictures of what you guys are doing right now, frantically finishing up decorating the pallets and packing up the truck....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is such a great article! Read the 10 points!! It will keep your hopes up - keep your energy up for the rest of the campaign!!

Anonymous said...

There is another article at - go to the TV section, it is the first article on the page entitled "Veronica Mars Fans Plan to Blanket CW in Marshmallows to Save Series"


Anonymous said...

I love campaigns specially when there for a good cause.. veronica mars is amazing and I love everything about it :]