Thursday, June 7, 2007

TheIndianFoodStore - Bars for Mars Campaign -


Hello Veronica Mars fans, lovers, and supporters!

UNBELIEVEABLE! That is first thing that comes to my mind when I woke up this morning! At first, I have to admit that I thought it was Ms. Dawn Ostroff's birthday and she must have desperately requested Mars bars from all her friends. Of course, a Google search and a couple of hundred orders quickly cleared up that up! I'll be honest, we've never watched the show before but WOW, we are impressed! Your enthusiasm and support for the show has awed us all! I have been in contact with some of you in the past day or two and I realized how powerful this has become! Apparently, CBS's Jericho had a similar campaign and it worked! I'm fired up to make this work too!

If you are curious, we are a small family business located in Houston, TX that just recently started our online operations. We have been importing from India and England for several years now and primarily distribute to retail stores and grocery stores around the country. We have yet to become profitable in this aspect of our operation, but this publicity will certainly help! More importantly, I am so happy that I am involved in this, especially since I have been able to communicate with so many fans directly. Once things settle down a little, I'll be sure to watch all of the shows in the past seasons!

As we attempt to inform you with updates, we are calling all distributors we know around the country trying to buy Mars Bars. (We had to raise the prices $.20 just to reflect this, so we apologize for this!). I've created this blog to get fans to post their comments and give us suggestions on how we can improve this. We've only got until Monday to make this work since it will take some time for FedEx to arrive to their facility! (By the way, can anyone get a video of the FedEx driver pulling into the CW facility so we can show all the fans?)

Of course, I'd love to hear your suggestions. Leave a message here and I will do my best to reply!


Save said...

The video is a GREAT idea. Also, if you keep everyone updated as to the number of bars ordered, that'll really help increase the momentum.

AND - i think if we run out of mars bars in the U.S. that VM fans wouldn't be opposed to replacing with snickers almonds, because they have "mars bar" very clearly displayed on the cover. but of course our first choice is the actual mars bar.

on behalf of all the frantic veronica mars fans out there - thank you so much for helping us out!!!

Kimberly said...

Thank you so much for helping our campaign!!

Save Veronica mars said...

Omg! Thanks so much for your support! This is awesome!

VM Fan!

AprilJoy said...

thanks for your support. This is really quite nice to have a company so available and willing to support something like this.

I like the video idea too, maybe a fan in Cali can be at the cw offices around the time of delivery.

thanks again.

Matt said...

I have read through that the CW needs to make their decision by 6/15 - will these get to the network in time?

Brynna said...

Your help is so greatly appreciated! Thank you so much for doing this for us!

Polter-Cow said...

Thank you very much! VM fans appreciate your help.

Chris said...

This is great, to the fan who had asked about these getting their on time, TheIndianFoodStore had stated in their blog that they would need to have these purchased by Monday the 11th.

piperyoung said...

Thanks so much. Please, anything you can send (comments etc) along with the Mars bars would be great. The CW is rerunning Veronica this summer - why dont we ask them to wait until the summer (when all the other networks are in reruns) to air next season's Veronica? There would definately be more viewers, as it would have less to compete against on other networks.

Again, thanks so much for helping us. I dont know if you are fans of the show, but you are heroes!

a said...

Thank you so much for supporting us! :) You guys are awesome! :)

Chris said...

Also, we need to spread the word more on this. Digg is a great way, the story is already there...all you have to do is have an account (which is free, no spam) and click on the link! Just do a search for "Veronica Mars" at (I actually dugg all the Veronica Mars stories posted in the past two weeks).

Veronica said...

Thank You So Much For Helping Our Campaign!!! I Am SO Grateful That You Are Doing This! I never lost hope, I Knew we would figure out a way to do it! I am off to order a dozen box, i'll round up my friends give them the good news, and tell them to get their butts down here! Thank You Thank You!! :D

Chris said...

Can we get an exact weight on one Mars bar so we can calculate how many bars we're sending in weight?

Rachel said...

Thanks so much for helping our campaign. Veronica Mars is worth it.
Can you let us know what our cut off time on Monday is for the last order?

Veronica said...

Was I supposed to leave the shipping on just standard??? I thought I wouldn't touch it. It looked like you guys had the address and everything done. But was I supposed to put it on a faster method? THX

David said...

just to say a big thanks for your help and enthusiasm in getting these bars to the CW. It's much appreciated.

Kate said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The fans are devoted to this show, to its writers, and to its actors. Thank you for helping us show our support. I will definitely be back to order goodies from you for my own personal consumption.

Kate said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The fans are devoted to this show, to its writers, and to its actors. Thank you for helping us show our support. I will definitely be back to order goodies from you for my own personal consumption.

skyroom80 said...

Another thank you to TheIndianFoodStore for giving "Veronica Mars" fans such great support. You're the best. I had given up hope of ever seeing my favorite tiny blonde detective solve new mysteries. I know it's still iffy but, wow, is this a shot in the arm.

Wes said...

Is there a reason you're not buying from Canadian distributors? You indicate on Amazon that you do import products from Canada, and the classic, branded Mars Bar is also available there. I would assume that getting bulk orders and organizing shipping for this would be far simpler and cheaper than doing it from overseas sources.

Anonymous said...

I would like to offer a HUGE THANK YOU to the INDIAN FOOD STORE for their incredible and generous help with our campaign. We will not forget this! You stated in your introduction... "We have yet to become profitable in this aspect of our operation, but this publicity will certainly help!" We know that you are helping us out of amazing generosity, because you could have gouged us to help yourselves, but instead you ELIMINATED SHIPPING CHARGES!!! Let me just say that we will DEFINITELY do what we can to help you with publicity. You are amazing!!!

Veronica+Logan=forever♥ said...

I absolutly love VEronica MArs and was completely devistated when i found out that it was being canceled. I was just wondering if it's possibly to actually get it back on the air?/! I didn't know you could do anything like this. It really makes me feel good that people can make a difference. (hopefully) It will be back on the air by next season. I would love that.

samspeaks said...

I am unable to buy a VM bar for Ms. Ostroff w/o being charged for shipping! What's up? Will someone help me with the process?

Anonymous said...

Hey :)

love the show,and i love the LoVe ;)

It is the best show ever! when i watch it it's so out of place or what i should say .. it is not like others show! so a good not cancell this show,if that happens that will be the biggest mistake the cw ever are doing then . VERONICA MARS FOR LIVE!!!

Have you myspace?

my myspace is:

Hug from a norwegian girl *

bookloversdiary said...

I love this! Just found out about it. Yay for supporting Veronica Mars and yay for supporting small businesses and yay for supporting my fellow Indian/Indian-Americans.

It's all good. :)

Gil said...

There is a website called where the company will send out your press release to up to 3,000 editors and radio talk show hosts for you for a fee -- usually a couple hundred dollars. Most of the editors are for the Lifestyle section of the paper, so entertainment and TV topics fit right in with that theme. You can check out the actual prices on this page:
I'm not sure how much we have left (or if we need to step up donations to cover this), but I think it's worth a shot. The AP gets thousands of press releases every day. Ours will most likely get lost in the shuffle. Most newspapers only get about 100 press release a day, which is still a lot, but significantly less than thousands. Plus, most newspapers an contribute stories to the AP, so an article on our campaign might be picked up by the AP after all.

Gry said...

I donated immediately when I heard about this. The cancellation was a bad call by the network.

ambholl said...

I have an idea! We should try to convince MTV to pick up Veronica Mars now. Does anyone know how to contact them? Maybe we could send them a basket or some sort of package with a note and some Mars bars. We should not bombard them with Mars bars though.

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