Sunday, June 10, 2007

Quick addition

Just picked up 48 more pounds of Marshmallows! That makes our total at 398!

Finally some media attention (though it is a very short article...something is better than nothing!)


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for everything you're doing! was it just due to your massive mars bar sales that you got involved? have you ever seen veronica mars before? if not... i'm sure you'll check it out now right? hahah. thanks again for all your support and the amount of effort you are putting into this. you have no idea how grateful all of us veronica fans are!

Anonymous said...

We need to get more media coverage!

Zoey said...

There was also an article today on TV Squad:

And the fabulous movie review site Pajiba has had a post on their homepage since Friday:

Keep on emailing your favorite blogs and news sources to get additional articles!

Zoey said...

Ack, sorry - here's the live links:


Anonymous said...

Please call these numbers and tell them about the campaign and tell them when you'll be loading all the things onto the 18 wheeler!

Phone: (713) 521-4398
Fax: (713) 520-7763

3310 Bissonnet,
Houston TX 77005
Our Phone Number is (713) 666-0713
Our News Tip Line is (713) 669-1313

If you would like to phone in a news tip, call 713-222-NEWS (713-222-6397)
If you have a story idea for Local 2 Investigates, call 713-223-TIPS (713-223-8477).

Newsroom Phone: 713-435-2954
Newsroom Fax: 713-787-0528
News Tipline: 713-847-9239


Anonymous said...

Here's another site getting the word out:

Michael said...

Hello, I was wondering if you could also send the leading VM petition at

Not all the signatures or anything, but the link so they can see it. Thank you...apparently Jericho received 80,000 and that also let them get 8 episodes this fall.

We have a little less than 40,000.

Thank you.

Michael said...

I didn't mean e-mail them with it, but like write it on the back of a poster, or in a box with the bars or something.


Anonymous said...

Nick has done a bang-up job with the letter. Yay, Nick!

I'm wondering if someone could put together a press release. I was re-reading the latest Kristin Bell interview when it occurred to me that if might help to send a press release to Associated Press (AP), which conducted the interview and distributed it to various news outlets.

I have no experience with press releases, but if anyone else is game: here is the Web page for sending a press release to AP:

Anonymous said...

Sachin and everyone!! Keep up the good work!! We are getting there!!! Thank you, thank you for all the hard work! Let's stick together and we can get this done - GO VERONICA MARS!!!!
Sachin - I know you must be exhausted!!! Thank you so much!!! Your GREAT!!!
:) laura

Anonymous said...

Here is another news report on our campaign - DailyIndia. com

oh, and another!

Anonymous said...

the campaign has also been added to wikipedia's veronica mars page.

Anonymous said...

How Exciting!! There are news articles all over the web about the campaign!!! The news is starting to get out there!! Yeah everyone!!! Keep it going!! Email evryone you can think of to keep the buzz going!!! Just one more week!!

Anonymous said...

It would be great if everyone could still keep up on postcards and letters to Dawn. We need to keep the pressure from from every angle. GO TEAM MARS!

kiah said...

Hey everyone, this isn't really related to the post but... I've heard some criticism about what The CW is to do with all the candy after they receive it. It's not very nutritionally sound to donate it to the homeless, and this evening I had a thought. Perhaps we could ask them (or suggest to them) to donate the candy to summer camps. This is especially good with the marshmallows.

Good luck everyone, and thanks again to Sachin and The Indian Food Store.

YME said...

Thanks again to Sachin and everyone at the Indian Food Store for everything they've been doing above and beyond the call of duty for this campaign!

I'm hoping that once the shipment is packed up and physically on its way to The CW, that the Ausiello's and Kristen's of the internet will pick up the story. Until this point, maybe our efforts don't seem "real" enough for them to cover? As if VM fans are just talking about doing something, but nothing's actually happened yet? (Just my speculation here. And of course WE all know how much activity has been going on for the past few days, in Houston especially!) But once the truck is on the road and its inventory numbers are final, hopefully then TV Guide and E! will consider it seriously newsworthy....

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