Tuesday, June 12, 2007

iTunes day!

Update: 4:11pm CST: Okay, there is definitely something wrong! I know you guys are purchasing it but it still shows only 4 on our commission setup page! Keep it up all, we're at #35! We have about 8 hours to get to #1. We generated $11.87 from the site, so that's gonna be put in as well! That's almost 6 extra purchases! Every bit helps!

Update 1:42pm CST: I believe something is wrong with our iTunes commission setup page. It does not seem to be updating as it is only showing that 4 orders have been placed thus far. I have placed more than 4 orders of it myself! Something is definitely wrong...will let you all know when I have some new numbers!

Good morning fans!

Today is iTunes day (you better not have forgotten!). Please click through the link in the other post below so we can use the commission we get from it to purchase more from iTunes. Gil from SaveVeronicaMars has asked me to update throughout the day. I will do that! I believe it takes a few hours for the affiiliate numbers to update, so I may be a bit behind!

Gotta get back to work (as you can imagine, I have a LOT of pending work to do!)



P.S. If you thought we did a good job these past few days, and you placed orders via our website, we would appreciate your positive feedback! Please do not mention the Veronica Mars campaign in the feedback as they might be a bit touchy about it. Thanks in advance!


Rachel said...

Today starts the last few days of our SAVE VERONICA MARS CAMPAIGN. CW still has until June 15th to renew the show. We can't let the news from yesterday of VM being cancelled. They have been saying its cancelled since May 17th. WE CAN'T LOSE HOPE! We must FIGHT!!

Scramble Network said...

Come on everyone... buy the episode NOW!! Tonight, at 9pm EST, stop by Scramble Network, we're hosting a virtual viewing party!

Hogwaffle said...


Everyone might like the first comic on this page, a little shout out to veronica mars=)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hogwaffle!!
I saw that comic!!! It was great!!

:) Laura

Anonymous said...

Forget emailing Dawn, let's all email this guy Moonves: "At the end of the day (CW president) Dawn Ostroff doesn't get to make the final call. Hers is an important voice in the room. But they're the little sister company of CBS. There was a pretty strong feeling that (CBS overlord) Les Moonves didn't want to do the show."

Rachel said...

This is the Main number of CBS(212) 975-4321. Can someone call and see if this is the office Leslie is in?

Anonymous said...

We should send everything to Les instead of Dawn.

Rachel said...

I almost positive that his office is in NEW YORK! It would never get there on time!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone, I live in Canada, but im deff willing to make some phone calls today and figure out which number to call and how to bombard them with emails.

Do you think we should pass up cw and go straight to dawns boss?

yme said...

Just bought my "Bitch Is Back" episode, the first time I've ever ordered ANYTHING from iTunes!

I wonder how many brand new customers like me iTunes is logging today from this campaign?

Stephanie said...

i found a list of CBS contacts here, including Leslie. heres the link:


not sure which one is his number seeing as there's two. but the first one also has his email..

Stephanie said...

ok so i've searched some more and i found this on a site regarding Jericho:

Mr. Leslie Moonves
President and CEO - CBS Corporation
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(212) 975-4321 OR (323) 575-2345
Fax: (323) 653-8276

and heres the link:

Anonymous said...

Stephanie....you're awesome!
I would have totally bet money that his office was in NY!

Anonymous said...

Leslie Moonves Co-President/Co-Chief Operating Officer Viacom and Chairman CBS 323-575-2345 leslie.moonves@cbs.com

Nancy Tellem, President 323-575-2345 nancy.tellem@cbs.com

Tina Veon, Marketing Executive 412-575-2200 veon@kdka.com

David Goodman, President of Marketing 212-846-3939 dgoodman@cbs.com

Larry Kramer, President-CBS Digital Media 212-975-4321 lkramer@cbs.com

Jo Ann President, CBS Network Sales 212-975-4321 jaross@cbs.com

Joann Ross President of Network Sales 212-975-4321 joannross@cbs.com

Amy Berkowitz Chief Information Officer 212-258-8725 aberkowitz@cbs.com

Paulette Carpenter V President Community Relations 212-975-4226 pcarpenter@cbs.com

Greg Jena Director-Marketing and Promotion 412-575-2200 gjena@cbs.com

Susan Gordon Chief Financial Officer 212-975-4321 susan.gordon@cbs.com
Let’s flood the CW offices with last minutes calls and emails all week– make it non-stop!! EVERYONE CALL AND EMAIL!!! Spread this list around, put it on as many pages as possible. Phone calls are much better than emails, but everything counts. Let’s make sure the whole office is talking about us.

Stephanie said...

Well my friend called the NY office and his secretary said he was in a meeting (which is probably a lie)...but on Wikipedia it says he lives in California.

so i have no idea where his office really is. i guess just try calling both the NY and Cali numbers

Anonymous said...

Everyone also email Hercules from Ain't It Cool News and ask him to post about the iTunes-athon and the Phone/Email campaign. Here it is herculesaicn@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Just emailed everyone on the list! Woo!

Anonymous said...

I just saw a blog from the Showbiz show on Comedy central. It really ticked me off. I know it is a satire show so take it with a grain of salt BUT I believe there is a grain of truth. Here it is:
"So as I was driving to work this morning, I was talking to my old college buddy about the Jericho/Nuts thing and I s=== you not, I get to my office and there's just piles of Mars Bars everywhere. I was like 'Daryl, you will not f==== believe what I'm staring at right now.' And he didn't," said Michael Roberts, Executive VP of Current Programming for the CW network. "I wonder where they picked up that creative idea?" Roberts continued with a blatant tone of sarcasm. "Better get Nancy Drew on the case, or I mean Victoria Mars or whatever the f== the show was called."

Thom Sherman, Executive VP of Drama Development at the network was also victim to the candy assault. "Did you know that Mars Bars were discontinued in like 2002?" said Sherman with a small string of caramel hanging from his lip. "They didn't bring those back either because they're like almost all nougat -- just a shi=== version of Snickers really. Where did they even find these things?"
Yeah, I am really going to watch the CW again...NOT

Anonymous said...

Hi Sachin.

I think the money should go to iTunes. We can all donate to charity once this is over, but right now our priorety is iTunes. And it is still at #35 as of right now :( Now that is a long way, since this morning it wasn't even in the Top 100, but we need all the help we can get if we want it to reach #1.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the anonymous right above me. Spend all the money on iTunes, Sachin! We only have about 10 hours left to get VM to #1 today!

Everyone here can donate to all the charities we want after today. But that's a whole different campaign. For now, let's stay focused! It's ITUNES TUESDAY! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm downloading it right now, and let me tell you - for someone who has never used iTunes this was quite a pain in the ***! But, after about 15 tries I think it's working because it's actually downloading! I already have the episodes saved on my DVR at home, but I'm all in for one more last ditch effort! Plus, maybe this will push me over the edge to finally spring for the iPod I've been wanting...
Andy from Denver

Anonymous said...

OK, does anyone know how long this should take to download on a T-1? I'm at work b/c I thought it would be faster to do here than at home but it is taking forever! Am I doing something wrong? Guess I should have waited until I got home to have my teenager help me! Ugh! Andy from Denver again!

Rachel said...

Everyone also email Hercules from Ain’t It Cool News and ask him to post about the iTunes-athon and the Email/Calling campaign. Here is his email address…herculesaicn@yahoo.com

Save said...

keep downloading guys - and convince your friends to download it too!!!

we HAVE to be #1!!!!

Anonymous said...

when you are done downloading the episode, click on all the google ads on this blog so sachin gets more money from the ads

Anonymous said...

I purchased it through your site about 2 hours ago and have been posting the link all over the web asking for support. Should we just start sending people right to iTunes??

RobB said...

Since we have planned something for just about every day, I say we use tomorrow and Thursday to stage our call up the President of CBS and Dawn day were we do nothing but bombard them with phone calls for the next two days.

Anonymous said...

We're at #29 now! KEEP IT UP!

yme said...

Just saw us on iTunes at #19 for all TV Episodes! We broke the TOP 20!!! Woo with a side of hoo!

Under 7 hours left to make it to #1! Keep buying, people! We're almost there!

Anonymous said...

ITUNES TUESDAY will go down in fandom history!

Hikaru said...

I just bought it. ^_^V

Anonymous said...

Can you keep us updated about how much the links on the site have generated? I think it's a great idea to use that money for more episodes.

Anonymous said...

Mine too is taking forever! It started at "6 hours remaining" and then dropped to 4 but now is staying there - I don't have enough time left for 4 hours. It's 9:30pm!